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Air Quality

The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) was established in 1968 to achieve and maintain clean air in Lane County, Oregon.


LRAPA has eight regulatory-grade air monitoring stations and over 90 commercial-grade particulate matter sensors throughout Lane County. These air monitoring stations collect air samples and report the data from their respective locations. Information from these stations is used to assess levels of air pollution, identify air quality trends, and support the implementation of air pollution prevention strategies.

As a result of decades of work and technological advances, Lane County benefits from good air quality the majority of the year. There are days when air quality fails to meet health-based standards. In the summer, this usually occurs when smoke intrusions from wildfires move into the county. During the winter, smoke from fireplaces and wood stoves burning inefficiently can degrade air quality during prolonged periods of stagnant air.

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