How we are Funded

Lane Fire Authority is funded through a levy for emergency services that you pay through your property taxes.


Lane Fire Authority is transparent and accountable to its taxpayers. The fire authority operates under a balanced budget and has passed all its accountability and financial audits. We also aggressively maintain our facilities, emergency apparatus and equipment to extend their usable lives.


Lane Fire Authority  

2016-17 Resources: $6,019,616

Transfer from: Lane Rural Fire/Rescue $4,051,111 (67.3%)

Transfer from: Lane County FD1  $1,906,405 (31.7%)

Other: $62,100 (1.0%)



Lane Fire Authority

2016-17 Expenses: $6,019,616

Emergency Services Delivery $4,256,851 (70.7%)

Supplies, Services, Maintenance and Replacement  $1,587,765 (26.4%)

Small Equipment  $175,000 (2.9%)