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Lock Box Program Doc.

Lock Box Program

In order to provide an efficient system for access in emergency situations, Lane Fire Authority recommends a Rapid Entry Box.  The rapid entry system is designed to help fire departments and homeowners work together to preserve lives and property.


Make sure the property is located in Lane Fire Authority’s district. You can find this information on your tax statement or our map page (  If you are unable to determine if you are in our district, please call 541-935-2226 ext. 200. 



Key box purchase and installation are the responsibility of the owner.

Step 1:  Go to the Kidde/Lockbox Company Website:, in the upper right, select Sign-in or Create an Account.

Step 2:  Once you’ve logged in to their website, enter Lane Fire Authority in the organization/fire department search field.  Complete your lock box selection of the SUPRASAFE 2HS Key Lock Box and purchase (we will only accept the SUPRASAFE 2HS Key Lock Box).   Have the box shipped to your location. The box will be in the open position when you receive it.  Lock boxes come with mounting hardware.

Determine a location to mount the box that has reasonable access 24/7 in any weather condition i.e., near an obvious outside fire department entry location such as front door or gate post.  Discuss any non-obvious location with the fire marshal before installation

Step 3:  Mount box according to directions.  The finished box will remain open after installation.

Boxes should not be visually or physically obstructed by landscaping or architectural elements.

After the box is installed, please contact Lane Fire Authority at 541-935-2226 ext. 200 or by email at so we can secure keys or a card with the code inside the box.  If you have a code, please email with your name, address and code and we will laminate a card to be put in the box.

The key that opens the lock box cannot be duplicated by anyone other than the manufacturer.

SupraSafe 2HS Key Lock Box

The SupraSafe 2HS is a large capacity key lock box used by first responders for rapid entry, emergency situations. UL-rated for attack resistance, the SupraSafe 2HS features a steel-wall construction and a spring-loaded lid to protect against the elements. Choose from lock box models that include tamper switches and specialized locking mechanisms. Various SupraSafe 2HS accessories such as mounting kitslids, and vaults are also available.

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