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Ambulance & EMS Services

Learn more about the comprehensive ambulance services provided by Lane Fire Authority, including coverage areas, billing information, and how to address concerns or feedback regarding our emergency medical services.

Ambulance Pricing & Information

Patient Rights

Patient Rights for Emergency Medical Care and Transportation

Service Rates

Schedule of Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services Rates

Service Area Plan

Lane County Service Area Plan and Codes

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Lane Fire Authority EMS Coverage Area

View Service Area

Wondering which ASA you live in? Click below to view the interactive map of the Lane County ASA

Advanced Life Support Ambulances

Lane Fire Authority staffs two 24/7 Advanced Life Support Ambulances along with one peak hour Advanced Life Support Ambulance. Lane County consists of nine ambulance service areas (ASA), with Lane Fire Authority responsible for ASA 8. This ASA crosses multiple fire jurisdictions and covers 425 square miles.


We also provide response into other ASA’s through mutual and auto aid requests. Ambulance transports are billed through an ambulance billing company, Systems Design West, and are billed in accordance with Lane Fire Authority’s Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services Rates.

EMS staff of Lane Fire Authority smile at the camera

Comments or Complaints

Lane Fire Authority strives to provide all citizens of it’s ASA and in the surrounding ASA’s with high quality compassionate care and emergency transport. If you feel you did not receive the best care possible or have another concern regarding care provided by Lane Fire Authority medical responders please complete the contact form below.


For all inquiries or concerns related to ambulance billing please contact Systems Design West at 1-360-394-7010.

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