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Volunteer Firefighting

Join the dedicated team at Lane Fire Authority as a volunteer or supporter and help us provide lifesaving services across the Willamette Valley, ensuring safety and care for all residents.

Become a Volunteer Firefighter

Considering a role that demands both dedication and physical aptitude?

Explore the critical impact and substantial commitments of a volunteer at Lane Fire Authority, where every hour contributes to safeguarding lives and property in our community.

Commitment during the first year of service:

• Recruit Academy - 130 in-person hours 

• Wildland S-130/190 L180 - 24 in-person hours

• Hazardous Material Operations - 16 in-person hours

• Minimum Shift Time (Emergency Response & Training) - 720 in-person hours


Downloadable Resources

Volunteer Firefighter Guide

Guide for prospective volunteer firefighters.

Volunteer Hiring Process

Learn how the interview and process works.

Interview Feedback Form

See how we interview our candidates.

What to Expect: Volunteer Families

A Guide for Family Members of Volunteer Firefighters.

Out of District Volunteer Guide

Experience dutie of a shift worker in the fire service

Volunteer Firefighter Job Description

Learn about expectations & duties of volunteers.

Cracked Concrete Wall

How to get started

Please contact our Fire Training Lieutenant, Casey Papé, with any questions about our program.

This time commitment is about 15+ hours per week—which would qualify as a part-time job!

Lane Fire Authority relies on volunteers aged 18 and older for vital firefighting and EMS tasks, demanding significant physical effort. Our academies, held in fall and spring, blend web-based coursework with practical sessions on Sundays. After completing the academy, volunteers cover a 24-hour shift every sixth day at one of our staffed stations, with allowances made for work or school commitments.

We seek responsible, committed individuals eager to serve the community or gain free, comprehensive training for a fire service career. Volunteers train alongside paid staff, responding to all types of emergencies, exemplifying professionalism and expertise.

Two volunteer firefighters training for a rescue
“Volunteering for Lane Fire Authority has given me the amazing opportunity to serve my community in a meaningful and hands-on way. I’m grateful to be a part of this team and for the incredible training that keeps us safe."


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