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Volunteer Firefighter

Station 101

The primary purpose of this classification is to ensure the safety of people and property by engaging in firefighting and emergency medical service (EMS) activities, often in physically demanding conditions. Firefighters primarily participate in supervised drills and training to enhance their firefighting and EMS skills. 

They also dedicate time to maintaining equipment and apparatus, caring for buildings and grounds, and conducting public education activities. While working at the fire station or fire scenes, firefighters are closely supervised and follow established procedures, with their work being inspected by an officer. On occasion, they may be required to assume higher-ranking responsibilities until relieved by a superior. Additional duties may also be assigned. Firefighters operate under the general supervision of a Lieutenant.


Volunteers have the opportunity to receive a maximum of $600 per year in reimbursement, which will be determined by the amount of emergency responses they participate in. If a member surpasses the $600 mark, they can choose to allocate the excess reimbursement funds into a LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program) account for retirement purposes. Furthermore, volunteers who maintain good standing will also be eligible for a cell phone reimbursement stipend.

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