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Prevention and Education Resources

Wildfires in Oregon

The Oregon State Fire Marshal is actively addressing the wildfire crisis through various initiatives. Fire Adapted Oregon educates and empowers communities to lessen wildfire risks through preparedness and resilience efforts. 

Oregon State Fire Marshal

The Oregon State Fire Marshal is your trusted partner in fire safety and emergency response throughout our beautiful state. Since 1917, the OSFM has been dedicated to serving and protecting our communities from the devastating impact of fires and hazardous materials.

Education and Resources

Are you prepared if a home fire happens? Knowing what to do in the event of a fire can save you and your family. Find resources for all ages including children, families, and college students on the Oregon State Fire Marshal Prevention and Resources website.

Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal ensures community safety through fire prevention programs, code enforcement, fire investigations, safety plan approvals, public education, and emergency response planning.
Log Cabin

Oregon Defensible Space

Senate Bill 762, signed in 2021, codified wildfire prevention, community risk reduction, and proactive emergency response tools for the Oregon State Fire Marshal. As a result, the OSFM created a defensible space program to help Oregonians become better protected against wildfire.

Lane County Residents

To request additional information from the Lane Fire Authority Fire Marshal, Brian Sayles, email

Lane County Road & Driveway Inspections

Fire District Certification for Maintained & Non-maintained Roads. To request a driveway inspection, please complete this form.

Lane Fire Authority Public Records Request

For Fire Incident and Investigation Reports. Copies of fire reports must be requested in writing and submitted to the Fire Marshal's Office for processing. 


Fees for Fire Incident Reports

There is a fee for obtaining fire incident reports that must be paid prior to records being
released. Payments may be made by check or credit card. Checks payable to Lane Fire

  • Basic Incident Report - $25

  • Investigation Report, with or without photos (if available) - $35

*Photos of the incident will be mailed on a USB

You can download out a printable request form and email it to

Oregon State Fire Marshal Records Request

All reports requested are subject to release per state and federal public record statutes.

Oregon Fire Code

The Oregon Fire Code is the Oregon fire service's manual to protect the public from the hazards of fire, explosions, or dangerous conditions in buildings and other facilities.

Cracked Concrete Wall

Looking for current wildfire updates?

Watch Duty, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, alerts you of nearby wildfires and firefighting efforts in real-time. Watch Duty is a free application monitored and updated by real people including active and retired wildland firefighters, dispatchers, first responders, and reporters.

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