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Please read the following requirements to help you understand the importance of a Volunteer’s role in our community as well as what demands a Volunteer must commit to.


Commitment during the first year of service:


•Recruit Academy - 120 hours 

•Wildland S-130/190 L180 - 24 hours

•Hazardous Material Operations - 16 hours

•Regular drill training - 144 hours

•Extra, specialized training - 32 hours average

•Average call response while on shift - 90 hours


This time commitment is about 10 + hours per week, which would qualify as a part-time job!


Lane Fire Authority utilizes volunteers (18 years and older) to protect life and property through firefighting and EMS activities often performed under conditions which require strenuous physical exertion. Our fall and spring academies consists of web-based course work done during the week prior to a hands-on practical session on Sundays.  At the conclusion of the academy, you will be assigned a 24hr shift every 6th day at one of two of our staffed stations. We excuse our volunteers for work and/or school, but expect them to be at the station ready to respond on emergency calls the remainder of the 24hrs.


We are looking for responsible, dedicated and committed individuals that want to provide a service to the community and/or receive in-depth cost free hands-on training for a potential career in the fire service. These individuals will work and train hand-in-hand with paid staff and our existing team of dedicated volunteers to respond on every type of alarm our agency receives. We are extremely proud of the level of professionalism and expertise our volunteers demonstrate.

If you are interested in serving our community, please contact:

Recruitment/Retention Coordinator, Mark Boren at 541-935-2226 ext. 225 or

If you are interested in volunteering with Lane Fire Authority, email Mark starting the first week in June and set up a time to meet at our Veneta station to get an application packet and do a 3 minute scripted video interview.


 June 1st - Application Process Opens

 August 3rd - Last day to hand out Application Packets

August 7th - Last day to turn in Application Packets

August 22nd - Recruit Oral Interview and Written Eval

September 7th - Pre-Academy Orientation

September 10th - First Day of Academy

December 12th - Post-Academy Orientation

Meet our Members

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